Ghirlandaio, Tornabuoni Chapel, 1485-90

Domenico Ghirlandaio, Expulsion of Joachim. 1485-1490. Tornabuoni Chapel, Florence.

This fresco was painted for the Tornabuoni Chapel in Santa Maria Novella. The Tornabuoni family became a part of the Medici family when Lucrezia married Piero de Medici. In the left hand group is Lorenzo Tornabuoni, eldest son of Giovanni Tornabuoni and cousin to Lorenzo de Medici (Davies, 109), and Piero de Medici. On the right side stands Ghirlandaio himself as a young man without a hat and long dark hair. The artist is surrounded by members of his own family.


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1 Response to Ghirlandaio, Tornabuoni Chapel, 1485-90

  1. Mark Danford says:

    Are you suggesting one of the portraits represent Lorenzo di Piero de Medici or his son Piero?

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