The Exhibition

LIS 698: Florentine Art & Culture: Museum & Library Research and Documentation
Sarah Wade
Summer 2011 Semester
Professor Maria Antonia Rinaldi

This exhibition is the culmination of six weeks spent visiting various art museums and cultural institutions in Florence, Italy for the summer course, Florentine Art & Culture: Museum & Library Research and Documentation. Exposure to the prolific history of the city, whose culturally inclined citizens laid the groundwork for the creation of many masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, emphasized the supremacy of the Medici family as key patrons to the arts.

In the exhibition, Hidden Portraits of the Medici, I have selected twelve Florentine works that depict members of the Medici family in religious frescoes and altarpieces. The pieces chosen represent several generations of Medici rule in Renaissance Florence, from mid-fifteenth century to mid-sixteenth century.

Please explore the exhibition by following the links above.

Header image: Workshop of Agnolo Bronzino, miniature portraits of members of the Medici family, 1555-65, oil on copper. Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.

Map of Florence courtesy Firenze Stampe,

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